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 Ava as little puppie of almost 7 weeks


Currently there are no puppies available!

If we have puppies available or an adult dog, you can read it on this page.
If you are interested in a puppy or adult dog from our house, we would like to know a few things from you. All our puppies are VIP (Very Important puppies) and only go to the best house!

For example, how is the composition of your family, do you have other pets and if so what kind? Will the puppie be home alone because of your work situation or other circumstances? Do you have children? If so, at what age?
Do you want a smooth coat or long coat, a male or a female? Do you want to do showing, breeding or do you just want a nice dog as a pet?

All these questions we ask are to offer you the best possible fit dog and because we want our dogs to get a golden home!

E-mails and phone calls with only price inquiries will not be answered by us.