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Our little blue devil Boeddha. Son of our beloved Ava and also a limited edition. Not afraid of anything and super cool!
Boeddha will not be bred as he is so special to us we want to keep him exclusive. He is our pet and cuddle guy.

Name: Dutch Angels Special Blue PEDIGREE
Dob: 02-02-2015
S: Chiwows Royal Flush
D: Ava

Our handsome black boy Atilla, litterbrother to Aura. He knows exactly what he wants which includes cuddles and kisses on his terms.
Has given us 2 beautiful litters so far. Ivory and Kahlua are his daughters.

Name: Dutch Angels Coming In First PEDIGREE
Dob: 01-01-2017
F: Lyalkin Prestige Orion di Shokolayn
M:Norcros You Were Here
PL: 0/0
Bite: 6x6 scissors
Weight: 2.8 kilo
DNA: present

Our creme male Phantom, imported from Czech republic. Extremely nice but also a real macho man.
Stunning head and build, he has already won so many times at his young age. He is Dutch Junior Champion
and already has al his points needed for Dutch Champion but is to young to close the titel so we wait.

Name: NLJCH Zero Excuse Happy Gang STAMBOOM
Dob: 14-08-2017
S: Nobbi Neil Anthony
D: Nobbi Neil Yafi Strong Reyvel
PL: 0/0
Bite: 6x6 schaargebit 
Weight: 2.7 kilo
DNA: present