Our alpha female Julia. A very happy, playful girl of 4 years. She had her first litter in april 2015 and gave us our girl Nova. Second litter in January 2017 when we kept Atilla and Aura.
She likes to eat, cuddle and sleep on laps. Can be a little reserved toward strangers but once she knows you is very loving.

Name: Norcros You Were Here PEDIGREE
Dob: 13-06-2013
S: A Miliion Dreams Crazy For You
D: Fortuna De Herederos Del Olimpo 
PL: 1/1
Bite: 6x6 scissors
DNA: present 

Our girl Nova, born out of Julia. Now 2 years and a very happy girl with a lovely character. Like her mother she likes to get to know
people before warming up to them. Likes to play, cuddle and go for long walks. 

Name: Dutch Angels Amazed By You PEDIGREE
Dob: 07-04-2015
S: Man In Black Casa Del Lissa
D: Norcros You Were Here
PL: 0/0
Bite: 6x6 scissors
DNA: present

Our next girl is Corona. She was imported from Russia and belongs to our oldest daughter. They are two peas in a pod.
Very sociable, likes everybody and cuddles and kisses like crazy. She had her first litter in september 2016 and gave us our
girl Milka.

Name: Basta Mulka PEDIGREE
Dob: 09-12-2014
S: Sofira Hit Mult
D: Kiss Miss Matil'da
PL: 0/0
Bite: 6x4 scissors
DNA: present

Salsa, our second imported girl from Russia. A beautiful sturdy female with a mind of her own. Friendly playful girl with great potential.
Already had some nice show results.

Name: Diamond Amulet Brilliant Future PEDIGREE
Dob: 02-07-2015
S: Misty Meadows Applause
D: Bugi Vugi Fantazma Ot Elzagar
Bite: 6x6 scissors
DNA: will folow

Our youngster Ayla, halfsister to our dearly missed and beloved Ava (same father). Almost 2 years and is the joy of our family. Very outgoing and sociable.
Gives kisses like crazy and loves to play with us and her family chihuahuas.

Name: Anouk Little Charmings PEDIGREE
Dob: 22-03-2016
S: Pride and Joy Juniors Pride
D: Taijan Dreamer Emely
PL: 0/1
Bite: 6x4 scissors
DNA: present 

Our girl Milka, keeper from Corona's litter in 2016. Beautiful girl with the color lavender/white.
Very playful, outgoing and naughty adolescent. We are curious to see how she turns out.

Name: Dutch Angels Busy Being Fabulous PEDIGREE
Dob: 14-09-2016
S: Lyalkin Prestige Orion Di Shokolayn
D: Basta Mulka
PL: 0/1
Bite: 6x6 scissors
DNA: present 

This little sunshine is from our latest litter, our stunning girl Aura. Looks super promising and is very sweet and playful. Loves to cuddle and follows me everywhere.

Name: Dutch Angels Call Me Perfect PEDIGREE
Dob: 01-01-2017
F: Lyalkin Prestige Orion di Shokolayn
M: Norcros You Were Here
PL: too young
Bite: 6x6 scissors
DNA: present